5 Professional Sites and How They Were Built

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David Carson


I’m not seeing anything in the <head tag as far as templates, and knowing David Carson, this site is most likely custom developed. 

I like how it is simple and doesn’t distract from the work. It scrolls from the left to right showing the viewer only what Carson wants them to see, in that consecutive order.

Mario Hugo


This is a Squarespace site that I like  because it is very clean, focusing on work. I’m not sure about the way the work is displayed on the home page though, seems a bit disorderly.

Iron To Iron


Here is a Wordpress site that I like. I lie these of parallax and also how the mac is an outline…not an image which distracts more from the work.

Whole Design Studio


I just love this all the way around. This site is a Wordpress site.

David Airey


I also like this site even though it is still more like a blog. Maybe that is all that is needed at times. It is also a WordPress Theme.

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