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Jonathan and I actually took a break from our Timeline project and sat down to watch this together. It was hard to focus on the points they were making because it was soooo cheesy. Half way through we actually looked at each other and said “really?” However, I agree with the point they are making with better and not more. This is something that I even stressed in my prior profession of construction and the reason that I refused to do standard residential work. Standard residential, or “track homes”, are put up fast, cheap, and carelessly because it’s about the quantity and not quality. This is applied across all industries, I believe. Ours is no different. We should take pride in the work we do and strive for the best. Then we will eventually make even more money for a lesser quantity of projects. Because people are willing to PAY for better.

One Comment

  • jamie turpin says:

    Hey Duane

    Perhaps note what your “Reading & Video Response” is referring to, basically note the article.

    For example:
    “Story of Stuff” Reading & Video Response

    As you grow as a designer, these minor details will help your credibility.


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