Collection Site Class Feedback

Posted by | April 11, 2014 | Info Architecture | No Comments

MS: The Numbers are getting lost
You need some type of directional thing to let people know most to least

JB: It get’s confusing because the computer stays the same and is dominent

TC: The poster with the quote is too dominant and make her think it’s the title or something

MR: Tools of the trade is teeny

MR: It’s a little weird to have info graphs sideways and everything else is horizontal

BH: I like the concept and photograph

MR: Your navigation could go where the poster is… get rid of it

BH: You could separate the title from the navigation and have that somewhere else…. bigger

MS: Consider lockup of title… stack it. It’s weird that you have caps lowercase caps

BD: Have the little man hold a sign saying tools of the trade

MS: I would have some care for your type because your photo is done well. Love it, care for it.