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I began a second round of posters. The butterfly on the microphone was the first poster that I was playing with (to the left). Then after an epiphany last night, I pulled off of it and begun this final poster concept which I will finish for my final piece.

Part of the epiphany was that I shot 118 photos on our trip to the Folly Theater and then never used or even referenced one of them….??? Don’t know what I was thinking! A few stuck out to me, two in particular. A shot of above the stage, and the pattern on the walls. Using one for the environmental subject matter, and the other for a pattern overlay.

I am also working on a vector illustration of Gretchen Parlato to replace the live traced image of her seen in the progress image below. Here is the current progress of that…

The progress posted below is really close to the final, with the exception that I’m still playing with type and color.


  • mlstockton says:

    This is a VAST improvement! I think the use of the vector illustration of Gretchen will help her stand out from the background. I might also consider using a color for her that is just a couple steps farther away from the yellow/ochre of the stage. Right now she’s fading into the darks just a bit. Type could use a little bit more attention–Parlato is really nice but Gretchen and Quartet are really, really small in comparison. Also remember the time of the show, not just the date (also assess whether the date will be readable while driving by…). Cool. Good job!

  • Thanks, Morgan! Will do.

  • Nick Howland says:

    Huuuuuge improvement, man. Major. It seems like you are taking this in a much more thought out direction- it seems like you’re still putting a lot of elements into this, but you’re toning it down some and not becoming overwhelmed by it / creating an overwhelming piece. I agree with Morgan in that you should make Gretchen’s skin tone a bit more skin tone like. It seems a bit too dark to me. Digging the background, though, and how the imagery begins to burst through the border. The type is looking good but I would do away with that outline (it doesn’t really add anything, it just seems like noise to me). Maybe choose a chunkier typeface for the date and and secondary information as well. Maybe Bebas? Excellent job of incorporating your footer into the piece itself as well. Keep it up!

  • jamie turpin says:

    Nick, this makes me very happy. As mentioned in class, luv the new direction. Morgan is correct, please provide the performance time too. Maybe “quartet” could align with the “T” and the date & time could be placed next to the “O” . (Basically switch quartet and date/time placement) again, this is progressing very well. 🙂 jamie

  • Do you mean, Duane?…lol Thanks. Will do. I am also trying some other type solutions as well. I’ll post some tonight or tomorrow and send an email to notify you, if I may? If not I’ll just try and judge to the best of my abilities and fingers crossed…put one up. I also plan on visiting studio this weekend to get some criticism from classmates.

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