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Response To Frank Chimero’s Advice to Graphic Design Students

Like a lot of Frank Chimero’s stuff, I’ve read this before and probably posted and/or commented on Facebook about it last semester. But it’s ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a pleasure to read again. He gives great advice without forcing anything down anyone’s throat and always helps me to take a step back and realize what may or may not be important.

I like how he said to have one fiction and one non fiction book on your shelf at all times. Fiction books really help to open up our imagination because they leave it to the reader to interpret it for themselves. Most people just watch movies these days where everything has already been depicted and interpreted by the visions of their producer, director, artists….etc. They leave nowhere for your own mind to wonder and creatively imagine how you would visualize the story. Likewise, I also think that it’s important to constantly surround yourself with other art and design that is not your own. A musician wouldn’t be a very good musician if they never listened to music.

I also loved when he says “Don’t become dependent on having other people pull it out of you while you’re in school”. Go the extra mile and don’t try to just get by with the bare minimum. You get what you put in… and doing just what is required doesn’t help you at all. Your teachers aren’t benefiting from how hard you push yourself, You Are.
Short Term / Long Term Goals

My short term goals are to land a paid internship this summer and continue to do as many internships my senior year as possible in order to gain industry experience and broaden my network connections in the workforce. Following graduation, I hope to land employment in an industry related field. I don’t want to narrow down my options by limiting myself to one specific job title or concentrated area. I really do enjoy most fields of design and additionally, illustration and painting. I am always open to any opportunity that may come my way and could see myself being content doing any of it.
As far as long term goals, I would like to climb a little further up the ladder, landing a position as at least an Art Director or maybe Creative Director. I’ll make no bones about it though, my first goal is to make money. So obviously which ever jobs are the highest paying would probably hold my attention for a long term goal. And any that are near equal in salary would be the ones I’d be deciding between. But that’s long term and I have to start somewhere so I’d rather focus on short term and what’s at hand.
Internship Listings
  1. http://www.hallmark.com/careers/college-students-creative/. My mentor from Colorado and a few other instructors that I was close to use to work for Hallmark so it’s a place that I’ve heard a lot about. And It’s paid.
  2. http://barkleyus.com/mentorships. Lance Flores is a contact of mine that works here. I could get some advice from him. This is also paid.
  3. Kansas City Area Development. Jonathan and I made contacts here when doing our Union Station Interactive Timeline project. They told us to come in and talk to them about internships.
  4. SHS http://weloveinterns.wehatesheep.com/. My contact here is Micah Barta. I think I could ask him for advice as long as he isn’t the one doing the interviewing, which is quite possible.
  5. VML. I like the type of interactive work that they do here. No contacts here though.
Nick Howland also talked to me about Springboard which he interned and worked at before, so that is something I plan on looking into as well.

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