How To Make A California Sushi Roll

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tools needed:

rolling mat
saran wrap
sharp knife
cutting board


short grain rice
rice vinegar
sesame oil
nori sheets
crab meat
sesame seeds
ginger fish
soy sauce


I. steam rice

. steam 2 1/4 cups of rice

B. let rice cool

C. add teaspoon sesame oil

D. add teaspoon rice vinegar

II. cut ingredients using cutting board & sharp knife

A. crab meat

a. cut crab meat into strips

B. avocado

a. cut shell longways all around without cutting through pit

b. remove pit

c. with spoon separate avocado from shelld. cut de-shelled avocado into strips

C. cucumber

a. wash cucumber

b. cut longways into strips

III. wrap bamboo mat with saran wrap

IV. prepare bowl of water


I. place nori sheet on mat

II. using hands, cover nori with a thin layer of rice, wetting hands in prepared water bowl, to prevent rice from sticking to hands

A. sprinkle with sesame seeds

B. flip nori so that rice is face down on bamboo mat

III. place ingredients on nori longways

A. starting on one end of nori cover 1/4 of sheet with rice

B. lay down two slices of cucumber

C. lay down two slices of avocado

D. lay down two slices of crab

IV. roll nori using bamboo mat until roll is compact and round

V. cut roll evenly six times wetting the knife after each slice to ensure smooth cuts


I. place cut rolls on plate elegantly

II. add ginger fish, wasabi, and soy sauce to the side as a garnish

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