Jazz Motion Graphic Inspiration

Posted by | September 25, 2013 | Human Centered Design | 3 Comments

My idea is to animate the music notes in a similar way to this. Type could be in motion too. Then zoom out to the illustration.


  • I like the animation style, however I find the music notes a muted portion of the poster and not the most important. Perhaps using the music notes coming up as the cord style and creating the microphone, giving the connotation of her singing, and then showing her actually singing into the mic, creating the name and the date of the show like lyrics coming from Gretchen herself.

  • jamie turpin says:


    Your intent conveys your thoughts are in motion. Remember to keep within the “brand” of your poster’s style.

    Have you selected which song you plan to employ for the video? This might help a bit with your storyboard rhythm.

    Friday: Is WIP CRIT, so have something ready to share with the class. Jamie Koval will partake in our class CRIT.

  • Hey I thought my comment went through and supposedly it didn’t so I’m going to try and remember exactly what I said haha my thoughts were that this video is a really good example. It really related well to your poster. I thought Jennifer’s idea seemed like a good thing to try with the music notes.


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