Minimalism is getting a little out of hand.

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I’m sorry but every time I get on my iPad now, I get extremely annoyed so I have to make a post about it.

One of the things that I DID like about Apple, is the way that they have lead the industry in design aesthetics. This is one of the biggest reasons that they have taken the design industry by storm. And not just in the physical, material design of their products, but in their digital design aesthetics as well.

So where the hell has skeuomorphism gone?

Yes, I too love minimalism! Everything has it’s place, but everything isn’t meant for every place. Minimalism is being forced down our throat these days. We see something is successful in one area, so now we think everything has to be designed that way. WRONG! Too much of anything is bad. If everything is minimal then what sets it apart and makes it stand out when needed? Nothing. It’s getting monotonous! Steve Jobs set out to make us feel as if we were really touching and interacting with the digital world. It gave us a sense of familiarity with what we are already accustomed to in real life. Functionality operates the same way, hence pinch and zoom. Should we get rid of that too? Yes, skeuomorphism isn’t needed, but it can be pleasing. It gives things a sense of luxury and embellishment as well.  We don’t need to drink soda, beer or coffee to survive but we do because it pleases us and provides a feeling that we are looking for in our life. If not, there wouldn’t be a need for clothing to look the way it does either, so lets just strip it down too and all of us will wear plain white clothing without any embellishments, designs, patterns, textures, branding…etc. Skeuomorphism has set Apple apart from their competition. And now that Jobs is gone they are trying to be just like Windows and Android. I assure you, Jobs is rolling over in his grave on this one. And one more thing, if we need to be minimal in the new iOS 7 then why the need for the floating icon simulation? What purpose does that have? None! It just makes us feel as if the icons are 3 dimensional and tangible to our touch. Well isn’t that what skeuomorphism did? So now they are contradicting themselves. The new multi-touch functions and even the white background of notepad is ok with me. Nice changes. But get rid of the rest and bring back what I loved about Apple, especially my dock!

Quit shoving minimalism down our throat!


Simplifying a website is one thing, but minimalism on its own is just a style.

It is a style just as grunge, illustrated and sleek Web 2.0 are styles.

Sometimes we forget that and assume that every design needs it.

I am obviously not the only one who feels this way, read what Macworld has to say!

P.S. It also gave continuity from Mac OS to iOS…so are they going to make our MacBooks like this too? I certainly hope not.

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