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In this online news layout, the subcategories appear in rows on the main categories home page. The user may swipe or scroll from left to right between stories in the rows. To get right to the heart of things the News category is the Sites main homepage. Rollovers or “hover states” look the same as they would if the category was selected…they get bold with it’s proper color. This lets the user have a rollover if using a mouse and computer and still does not complicate things if on mobile device with no hovering peripheral. Additional links at the top of the page, such as the filing cabinet, all rollover with the same Bold blue type and stay that way when selected. Finally, the filing cabinet has been shown in the final image to show what the user sees when searching their saved stories from the drop down. Clean, simple, and visually dominant so that the user isn’t overwhelmed by too much text when first arriving to the site.

Home Page
Section Home Page
Article – Above The Fold

Full Article – with Below The Fold

Filing Cabinet

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