Salary and Hiring Trends Reading Response

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It’s always good to see things looking up in our industry. I think that the fall in our economy has played a big part in this. When businesses struggle and society just isn’t spending the money that they used to, these businesses need to do things that bring attention back to their viewers and customers. Things like new advertising campaigns, rebranding, and social networking are all ways to achieve this. And fortunately for us, these are all things that open up new positions and opportunities for us. In the great depression, you wouldn’t think that people had the money, or were willing to spend it, on things like entertainment. However, it was just the opposite. People were so depressed that they would turn to movies, shows, and even the cartoon shorts before the feature films, to lift their spirits. This created a boom for movie producers, animators, and so on. So, history has shown us that after trying times, even though many industries still struggle, the creative industries seem to pick up and thrive the most. I’m excited to see whats in store for us as the next few years unfold.

I was also surprised to see that in The Creative Group 2014 Salary Guide, there were positions making a lot more money than I would have thought. And the other way around too. It’s definitely worth the read and a must download.

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