Self Assessment

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This has been a very good project for strengthening my conceptive skills as a designer. I started out choosing a concept based off of garments and fabrics. Later, I found that the real meaning was in the way that the content was written and not what it said. This lead me to coming up with a good alternate form making process that fit the concept of the content. But then I struggled with wanting to design around my way of alternate form making instead of the concept. At last, I broke free from that and found even deeper meaning behind the concept, with the idea of playfulness, while still embracing the mistakes that I made early on. No, I am not completely happy with the end result of the type design, but I am ecstatic about how much I’ve grown as a designer and have refined my skills of critically and conceptively thinking. This was also the first time I’ve ever built a book by hand and was very pleased with the craftsmanship that I executed in doing so. In the end, I feel that I have learned a tremendous amount from this project.

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