Tender Buttons Animation Experiment

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In this experiment I video recorded the projected half of the copy coming in and out of focus. Then I imported the footage into After Effects where I placed the rest of the copy on top and begun to animate it.

However, I am having a lot of issues with the projection. It comes into focus on the paper it’s projected at but doesn’t appear in focus as much when I film and manipulate it within After Effects. Instead it just looks like there is a drop shadow on the digital type. I am also having difficulty with the printed version because the projector needs to be at a 90 degree angle to not skew the type. So the camera that I’m filming or photographing with can’t be at a 90 degree because then it’s in the way of the projector. I’m also not even sure that I like my conceptual approach any more. At this point I’m ready to start from scratch.

Statement Update

After speaking with Marty Lane, I am more secure in keeping my initial concept and moving forward with it. I am going to check out a better projector and DLSR. Hopefully this will help the technical difficulties I was having. However, after rendering the experimental animation, the legibility wasn’t as bad as I thought. The alignment was just off, which I can adjust within After Effects.

Tender Buttons Animation Experiment from Duane Dinverno on Vimeo.

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