Tender Buttons Motion Design – Initial Concept

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Gertrude Stein is an american author that is known for her exploration of the written language. She is categorized as being a cubist and some say that she writes with words the same way that an abstract painter paints with paint. In “Tender Buttons”, she groups sets of words together that sound pleasant and has a very repetitive approach to her structure, which I have chosen to portray in my motion design peice. Some words also appear and even repeat from one poem to the next, which I am also going to try and illustrate.

These key words that are repeated will behave on screen in a manner that will draw attention to them in order to make them stand apart from the rest of the copy. Layering or overlapping is a method that I’m considering. I also might have certain characters stay on screen as the next lines appear using the same first character in the first word.




Suppose it is within a gate which open is open at the hour of closing summer that is to say it is so.

All the seats are needing blackening. A white dress is in sign. A soldier a real soldier has a worn lace a worn lace of different sizes that is to say if he can read, if he can read he is a size to show shutting up twenty-four.

Go red go red, laugh white.

Suppose a collapse in rubbed purr, in rubbed purr get.

Little sales ladies little sales ladies little saddles of mutton.

Little sales of leather and such beautiful beautiful, beautiful beautiful.


A shawl is a hat and hurt and a red ballon and an under coat and a sizer a sizer of talks.

A shawl is a wedding, a piece of wax a little build. A shawl.

Pick a ticket, pick it in strange steps and with hollows. There is hollow hollow belt, a belt is a shawl.

A plate that has a little bobble, all of them, any so.

Please a round it is ticket.

It was a mistake to state that a laugh and a lip and a laid climb and a depot and a cultivator and little choosing is a point it.


In this video, I like how analog form making techniques are combined with digital.

This video was done by a former KCAI student. I like the way she brings words on the screen in a random space and time. The timing of their appearance to the audio was also executed with precision.

tender buttons: the music box from jessi rw on Vimeo.

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