Tender Buttons Progress and Re-Thinking.

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Tender Buttons_Re-Thought Out.

I started projecting words to photograph and video record this weekend. However, as I was working, and reading the poems, I realized that I had some issues to work out still with the thought process. If these weren’t resolved it doesn’t matter how esthetically pleasing it looks…it’s still wrong!

First of all, I had originally chosen my poems based off of fabric or garments. While some of these poems still worked with my new direction of repetition, some did not. I needed to throw some out and find new ones.

The second thing was the repeated words that I chose to pull out and project. Yes, the ones I chose were repeated but after reading the poems again, I felt that I wasn’t choosing the repeated words that Gertrude Stein would want emphasized. After all, I think that’s why she is repeating them in the first place. In some cases it was more important that she repeated simple words like “and the” than she did more esthetically pleasing words like “leather”. I really gave this a lot more thought as I read through the poems several more times. I also noticed that it wasn’t about which words were repeated a lot or if a poem had a lot of repeated words. It is more about what she is trying to emphasize. Again, a lot of the time it was the more simple words.

I now feel as if I have a better understanding of her structured repetition and a better chance of success.
As I learned with the Folly Theater Poster, sometimes it’s better to just start from the beginning even if it takes longer and sets you back in some time.

Here are my Final Poem Selections along side their chosen words to be projected.

note: some poems have phrases in which I chose to pull out as a whole and also break them up…just in case I change line structure in the layout, I already have them photographed and video taped.

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