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Defining the Designer of 2015, 

I think this a great article and a good point to bring up. We can learn all we want about design but if we aren’t paying attention to the market and industry, we aren’t going to get jobs where we can utilize what we’ve learned anyway. It’s also good to be taught the purpose of problem solving. This is why I a at KCAI. The previous school that I went to mainly focused on technical (how to do stuff) and not what to do or why you are doing it.

Designer of 2015 Competencies

Wow, I love that there is a list out there like this that we can gauge ourselves on. If we can one day look at this and feel comfortable with all of these…wow… imagine the confidence level we’d have when going to a job interview. A MUST HAVE!


  • Kaylie_Inc says:

    I think your point that you made about the Defining the Designer is an excellent point, and it is very important to know what is going on in the industry so that we can put all these years of school to the test. Also to produce work that is wanted for the trend of design at that time. 🙂

  • You understand the usefulness of these readings and your passion is obvious through your tone in writing!

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